“Your Sensitivity Serum is life changing”

Lena, 48 yrs old

"I am in love with these serums and so are my clients"

Lucky Bromhead  

Guru Make Up Artist for Schitt's Creek


"Aesara Sensitivity Anti-Aging Multi Corrector serum/oil. It saves my skin from hormonal imbalances and redness and makes skin full and glowy."    


Jane Daly, Beauty Guru - Beauty Blogger - seen on CITY TV


"Since it is an ultra-light, I personally love this one so much and have added it into my morning skincare routine."

Stacey Simon, The Bambi Eyes Blogger, 20s - Sensitivity Anti-Aging Multi Corrector



"Best Organic Skincare. Full Stop"

 Gemma, 26 yrs


"My skin is quite sensitive and I often experience redness on my face when moisturizing, but I've now replaced my face cream with Sur Mer and haven't had any irritation for months."

Nicole, 29 yrs


 "Skin craves it everyday "

Annie, 45 yrs


" My skin is incredibly sensitive. Plus, I've had skin cancer on my face. Someone gave me the Sensitivity Anti-Aging Multi Corrector serum to try and it really works - I have less sun spots, less redness, less wrinkles, less itchiness....it was exciting to see my skin come back to life"

Carole P, 68 yrs

 "Worth every penny" 

Maria W. - Toronto